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HarbisonWalker International, Inc. - HWI

Company Name: HarbisonWalker International, Inc. - HWI
Country: USA
Adress: 1305 Cherrington Parkway Suite 100 Moon Township, PA
ZIP: 15108
HWI is proud to introduce THORBIDE | Alumina-Silicon Carbide Brick 2020-02-02 09:15:25
Feb. 2, 2020 - HarbisonWalker International is proud to introduce THORBIDE, a family of silicon carbide containing alumina bricks for the toughest of service environments. The THORBIDE Family brings the ultimate in resistance to alkali attack and protection from build ups that can hinder stable operation.

THORBIDE products feature the thermal protection of a 50% alumina brick with the added benefits of silicon carbide (SiC) to inhibit build up formation and alkali attack. These products target processes utilizing high levels of alternate fuels, or raw materials where aggressive alkali attack is the primary wear mechanism, or where build-ups are causing frequent operational challenges. In addition, the physical properties of THORBIDE provide superior strength for mechanically stressed areas.

THORBIDE products have been designed and engineered to pass aggressive alkali attack testing. Each of these products demonstrate minimal penetration and zero bloating in industry standard alkali tests. This is achieved by varying the amounts of SiC content in each product, as well as optimally controlling the raw materials and grain sizing. This results in low porosity, SiC containing alumina bricks that outperform their nearest competition.

Potential applications include:

1. Cement kiln inlets

2. Riser ducts

3. Cyclones

4. Calciners

5. Pulp and paper kilns

6. Nose rings

7. Rotary kiln discharge zones

8. Lime preheaters